Race and Equity

Our community is grieving, angry and profoundly sad after the death of George Floyd. LDA Minnesota’s staff and board stand with our community against racism, oppression and injustice and hope that together we will find a path to ending the racial disparities plaguing our systems, schools and neighborhoods. As an organization,.

COVID-19 Update on Services

Like schools, community centers, restaurants and most face-to-face businesses, LDA Minnesota is suspending all in-person services for the time being and moving our work with students, clients and families online. If you are a current student or client, you likely have heard from one of our program staff about setting.

The Reading Wars Continued…

Someone recently commented that she thought the “reading wars” were over.  With the National Reading Panel’s report don’t we have a shared understanding of what kids need to know to learn to read?  Yes and no. The war has continued, it’s been a silent fight for a while. But, it.

Executive Functions and Reading

The term executive function (EF) has become common over the past few years. Often executive function issues are associated with kids and adults with ADHD. However, more recently research is reveals connections between executive function,  more specifically cognitive flexibility, and reading. So what is executive function? Executive function refers to.

Season’s Greetings

Dear Friend of LDA Minnesota, LDA Minnesota is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. Looking back, our history reflects a deep commitment to helping all individuals achieve to their greatest potential. Juanita, one of the founders, shared the story of their first summer program with me few years ago. As she handed.

LDA’s Strategic Plan

LDA Minnesota’s board of directors recently adopted a new strategic plan for 2018-2020. The planning process included an environmental scan.  Board members, staff, and additional key stakeholders, such as partners, clients, funders and thought leaders, were asked to reflect on LDA’s current role in the sector as well as future.

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