Accommodations are any changes to a classroom or work environment or task that permit individuals with disabilities to participate in class or at work, to perform the essential tasks of the classroom or workplace, or to enjoy the benefits and privileges of classroom/workplace participation equal to those enjoyed by people without disabilities.

The following are just some of the accommodations for individuals with learning disabilities.

If you have difficulty writing:

  • In testing situations, get permission to verbally record your written answers on a tape recorder
  • Ask to have a designated note taker or a copy of the notes
  • Ask for a printed copy of assignments or directions
  • Use rubber writing grips for pens and pencils

If you have difficulty with math:

  • Talk out loud the steps to a math problem
  • Ask for permission to use a calculator without penalty
  • Use large square graph paper to space out the problems and numbers

If you have difficulty with reading:

  • Use colored highlighters to underline main ideas or key words
  • Use index cards or a ruler to help guide your reading
  • See if there are alternate means to get the information such as a video, a book on tape, or large print books
  • Have classes or lectures recorded on tape and listen to them

If you have difficulty with communication:

  • Use a tape recorder to record class discussions and play back to review it later
  • Ask to be able to sit down and give a speech, or lead a discussion
  • Practice talking in front of a mirror

If you have difficulty with study skills:

  • Use colored folders to help keep things organized
  • Take periodic breaks
  • Use post it notes to mark important information in books



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