In order to complete LDA’s ABS Licensure Program, and be recommended for a license, the candidates must:

  • Obtain a minimum grade of B- in every course and earn an overall final GPA of 3.0
  • LDA assesses a candidate’s disposition in the areas of professionalism, attitudes toward learning, communication and collaboration, self-reflection, attitudes toward diversity, emotional intelligence, and attitudes toward students.  This assessment will be used by the mentor, school staff and as a self-assessment that the teacher candidate will complete.  Teacher candidates will be assessed on their disposition six times throughout their time in LDA’s ABS licensure program. Two of these assessments will be performed by instructors, two will be completed by the candidate’s mentor, and the candidate themselves will also complete a disposition on themselves.
  • Completion of LDA Practicum Evaluation.
  • Obtain an average of 3 or higher in each subcategory on the Evaluation of Teaching assessment at time of completion. No “1” scores will be acceptable for exiting the program.
  • Complete and submit the edTPA.
  • Take and obtain a qualifying score on the MTLE pedagogy and content exams
  • Complete three 35-hour practicum experiences and 14-weeks full-time student teaching fieldwork and have documented experience working with children from each of the following disability categories: ASD, DCD, EBD, SLD, and OHD.  The following are required competencies during student teaching: educational assessment, IEP, a CBM and/or differentiated assignment, self-reflection, and behavior assignment. Additionally, both elementary and secondary experience is required.
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