Right away, you’ll be matched with a professional special education mentor.

Specifically designed to incorporate research-based best practices for teacher coaching, our program goes several steps beyond most others when it comes to mentoring. Our mentors will help to seamlessly integrate what you learn in classes, what you do in practicums, and how both translate into your success on the job.

Your mentor will be licensed in special education, hold a master’s degree in an area of education, and have at least one year of experience teaching in special education, allowing them to share their real-life experiences with you. From the start of the program and throughout its duration, you’ll have weekly access to your mentor for individualized advising and support.

Your mentor also will have an evaluative role, monitoring your performance and grading your practicum and clinical seminar assignments. Anytime you may struggle to fulfill program requirements, your mentor has the ability to initiate a progress improvement plan.

Most importantly, our mentoring program is based on a partnership principles of coaching that embraces equality, dialogue, and reciprocity to establish an effective relationship that facilitates your success.

Watch our video about LDA’s mentoring.

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