Spring Semester: Year 1 Summer Fall Semester: Year 2
Intro to Sped (3 Units) 

Strategies in Action  (3 Units) 

Strategies Lab (1 Unit) 

General Ed Practicum (1 Unit) 

Classroom Management (3 Units) 

Culture, Collaboration, Co Teaching
(3 Units) 

EdPsych (2 Units) 

Assessment (4 Units) 

Reading Strategies (4 Units)  

Multilingual Learners (3 Unit) 

Elementary Practicum (1 Unit) 


Spring Semester: Year 2 Summer Fall Semester: Year 3
Writing IEP’s (3 Units) 

Math Strategies (3 Units) 

Due Process & IEP Lab  (1 Unit) 

Secondary Practicum (1 Unit) 

Functions of Behavior (3 Units) 

Transition (3 Units)  

EdTPA Prep (1 Unit) 

Student Teaching (2 Units) 

Program Fee: EdTPA test registration 


Our program is a cohort model, so everyone progresses through the same sequence of courses.

Courses are 8-10 weeks in length during the academic year (September through May). You will take one course at a time, which meets as a synchronous class one day each week with asynchronous course work assigned at faculty discretion. Then, you will automatically be registered for each course, each semester. A complete course schedule will be posted 6 months prior to the start of the preceding semester. Our summer courses are offered in two sessions which run 3 weeks, meeting 4 days each week. Candidates take two classes each session.

If for some reason you cannot attend a course or believe you have previous experience and knowledge from the course content, you may meet with the Program Manager to discuss a possible waiver and/or alternative options.

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