Semester 3

SPED 150 Transition from School to Work and Community Living (4 units). This course will emphasize the use and application of effective strategies and models for improving the transition of youth from school to work and community living for students grade 9 through age 21. This will include course content that specifically addresses all phases of student assessment; individualized transition planning; parent, family and student involvement in designing post school options; use of appropriate community-based services (employment, residential living, social and recreational services); and comprehensive interagency approaches to transition.

ED 302 Secondary Practicum #3 (1 unit). The focus of this course is for teacher candidates to experience a secondary classroom. By interacting with students, teacher candidates will be preparing for their future career by practicing actual principles required for successful inclusion and collaboration, with a focus on understanding the secondary special education experience and perspective.

SPED 110 Math Strategies (3 units). The purpose of this course is to prepare students to teach mathematics to students with mild disabilities in K-12 school. Students will acquire skills that will enable them to use Minnesota State Standards as a basis for instructional programming in mathematics. Through theoretical, scientifically based math instruction, students will be able to incorporate evidence-based methodology to plan, instruct, and assess their students’ academic progress and use this information to make instructional decisions.

ED 202 Clinical Seminar #3 (1 unit).The focus of this semester of Clinical Seminar is on deepening your understanding of instructional design with a focus on utilizing appropriate technology resources in your lessons.  This semester you will continue to work with your LDA Mentor as you will develop more advanced instructional design skills. The assignments you complete this semester directly correlate with the work required on the edTPA (which you will complete next semester).  Additionally, you will hear from several guest speakers on important topics (grief and loss, incorporating relevant technology into your lessons and classrooms) related to your teaching career.  This semester, you will also complete a book study in a small group.

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