Executive Director

Martha Moriarty

Martha has worked in nonprofit development and communications for nearly 20 years for organizations serving Minnesota’s youth in a variety of ways.

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Program Director/Teacher Educator

Dr. Jennifer Christensen Macari

Dr. Jennifer Christensen Macari serves as our Licensure Program Manager and Teacher Educator at LDA Minnesota.

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Learning Connections Manager

Nicki Williams-Johnson

Nicki helps to lead LDA’s Learning Connections teachers and provides coaching to our teacher candidates in the licensure program.

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Mentor Manager

Dr. Dan Macari

Dr. Daniel Macari serves as LDA’s Mentor Manager, providing support and professional development to LDA’s team of mentors who coach and guide our teacher candidates throughout the program. 

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Data and Administrative Specialist

Tyler Mahony

Tyler Mahony is LDA’s data and administrative specialist.

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