Story by Story is a contextual phonics model and curriculum for low-literacy adults, both native English speakers and English Language Learners. This resource consists of 115 stories at approximately 0.5-2.5 Grade Equivalent with “adult-authentic” text that adults want to read concerning everyday activities such as working, community, shopping, and parenting. Story by Story combines phonics with fluency/comprehension activities for balanced literacy instruction. It provides a prescriptive model where sound/letter knowledge is assessed before placement in the curriculum and during/after instruction to measure progress.

Here’s what Adult Basic Education instructors say about Story by Story:

“The stories in the Story by Story curriculum have been very popular with the students in my reading class. The real-life stories appeal to students because they are reading about situations they have encountered.”

“Students love the dictation of words, phrases, and sentences from the stories. I have found these stories a great addition to our resources.”

Levels I & II, print edition, shipped to you: $25

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