Advocating for healthy brains and bodies

LDA Minnesota is advocating for the passage several bills that would ban PFAS in products both at the state and federal level this year. PFAS ( per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are harmful chemicals that are linked to certain cancers, damage to the liver and immune system, and adverse effects on learning and behavior. Here are the bills we’re supporting:

  1. The federal, Keep Food Containers Safe from PFAS Act (House bill 6026 and Senate bill 3169) . This bill would ban PFAS in food packaging. Our partner, The Healthy Children’s Project of LDA of America, has more information about PFAS on their website.
  2. Minnesota has four bills moving through the House and Senate related to eliminating PFAS in products including cookware (House File 2907), children’s products (HF 3571), cosmetics (HF 2906), and ski wax (HF 2952), supported by the Healthy Legacy Coalition in Minnesota, of which LDA is a member.


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