Special Education Teacher Shortage in the News

LDA’s Executive Director was interviewed by 74 Million about our Institute for Special Educators teacher preparation program this Fall about preparing special educators for the field. You may already be aware of the shortage of licensed special educators.  Check out the article, “Yes, There’s a Shortage of Special Education Teachers..

Time to Stop Use of Mercury Amalgam

LDA Minnesota works with LDA of America’s Healthy Children’s Project and Minnesota’s Healthy Legacy Coalition on  advocating for toxic chemical reforms to protect the developing brains of children.  We sent a letter to the CEO of Patterson Companies and  also sent this press release was sent out to media sources.

Advocating for healthy brains and bodies

LDA Minnesota is advocating for the passage several bills that would ban PFAS in products both at the state and federal level this year. PFAS ( per and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are harmful chemicals that are linked to certain cancers, damage to the liver and immune system, and adverse effects on learning.

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