2023 in Review

Dear Friend of LDA Minnesota,

Over the years LDA Minnesota has stepped in to meet the ever changing needs of our community and the families we serve.  In our early years we helped adults who had never been diagnosed with learning disabilities and struggled to read, which affected their employment, relationships and future.  

Today, we provide a spectrum of programs and services that reach students, families & parents, schools, and future teachers.  Our vision, that all adults and children with learning challenges are understood, accepted, and empowered to achieve their life goals, guides our work and inspires our staff.  

This past summer, a parent sent us a letter about her family’s experience with our Executive Function Skill Building workshop series.  This workshop, for both teens and parents, helps families understand executive functioning and builds the skills necessary to be successful and independent learners in middle school, high school, and post-secondary education. 


Dear LDA Minnesota,

The Executive Function Skill Building class was just what we needed for our 8th grade son. When I read the class description about how, as a parent, to remove yourself from the nagging role, I was hopeful. What this course provided to my son and I was so much more. For the first time, he understands that he isn’t alone with his ADD struggles – not being organized, not remembering to do the homework, when he has done the homework, forgetting to turn it in, etc.

The session for parents was very helpful to not only hear from other parents, but also to understand the areas of struggle through an assessment. The course provided practical tools that we could try each week. It opened a dialogue with my son about – how did that work for you? What should we tweak?

The course won’t solve all of the struggles overnight, but the validation, empowerment, confidence and independence is worth the time and financial investment. Thank you for offering this course. I wish we would have known about it sooner. 


In 2023 at LDA Minnesota:

  • 36% of LDA’s teacher candidates in our Institute for Special Educators were Black, Indigenous, or People of Color
  • 66% of our students in the Learning Connections Program exceeded growth expectations, narrowing their gap in reading to catch up with their peers
  • 99% of families said their diagnostic assessment was helpful and contributed to them accessing appropriate services or accommodations in school, work and life

Your financial contribution this year will help us continue reaching families, schools and preparing future teachers. 
If you’ve already contributed to LDA this year, thank you!  If you haven’t, please consider making a year-end tax deductible donation and help us reach learners across Minnesota.

Take care,

Martha Moriarty
Executive Director
LDA Minnesota

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