LDA’s Strategic Plan

LDA Minnesota’s board of directors recently adopted a new strategic plan for 2018-2020.

The planning process included an environmental scan.  Board members, staff, and additional key stakeholders, such as partners, clients, funders and thought leaders, were asked to reflect on LDA’s current role in the sector as well as future possibilities.  Funding and other financial data were also gathered and analyzed.

This information, along with critical factors expressed during an analysis of strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results (SOAR), were used to draft organizational goals that were incorporated into the strategic plan.

The board and staff identified five Strategic Priority Areas:

  1. Financial Sustainability: Increase LDA’s financial sustainability; continually explore funding opportunities, diversify revenues while managing costs so that revenue today is greater than tomorrow’s expenditures.
  2. Program Satisfaction and Impact: Evaluate the degree to which LDA achieves its mission, clients’ lives are impacted and families increase their confidence and independence.
  3. Brand Awareness and Broaden Reach: Increase brand awareness and improve outreach through strategic communication channels that will enhance collaboration and partnership opportunities.
  4. Staff and Board Development and Engagement: Encourage activities that further strengthen staff engagement and clarify board structure and staff roles & responsibilities.
  5. Cultural Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: Increase equity for individuals with learning differences first by building cultural awareness and inclusiveness skills among staff and board and then by reaching out to communities to begin addressing issues of equity and learning differences.


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