Season’s Greetings

Dear Friend of LDA Minnesota,

LDA Minnesota is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. Looking back, our history reflects a deep commitment to helping all individuals achieve to their greatest potential.

Juanita, one of the founders, shared the story of their first summer program with me few years ago. As she handed me the newspaper article that was published at the time, she shared that their goal was to help kids with dyslexia, a newer disability at that time. They had all been trained in Orton Gillingham and they worked hard to help their students develop reading skills over the short summer program.

Just like that first summer program; LDA continues to help kids: kids who learn differently, have dyslexia, or face barriers to learning, particularly for those who can’t afford the high price of tutoring. At times it feels like nothing has changed since that first summer of 1967, but in fact a lot has changed and LDA has been a catalyst for change in our community as well as adapted to change over time. 

As we move into our 51st year, LDA’s board has adopted a refreshed mission and updated our strategic directions that you can read more about on our website. The need for LDA’s voice and work are greater than ever; our schools are overwhelmed with the needs of students who learn differently; parents are seeking answers and help for their children; and adults continue to face challenges with employment, education and their home life.

Please donate to LDA Minnesota this year. Your tax-deductible donation will help us to provide needed services in 2018 to families struggling with learning differences, will allow us to explore new community partnerships, and find new ways to welcome unheard voices and more communities into our work.

Warm regards,

Martha Moriarty, Executive Director

LDA Minnesota

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