Fact Sheets

LDA Minnesota's mission is to empower and support parents, children, adults, families and the broader community. The information presented in the following fact sheets addresses common questions we've been asked through our years of service. 

Helping My Child

Helping your child with beginning reading
How can I effectively help my child with homework?
How do I have an effective parent-teacher conference?
How do I help my child get organized?
How do I help my child with standardized testing?
How early can my child be assessed for a learning disability?
Interpreting MCA and WIDA ACCESS test scores
What are some of the developmental milestones I should look for in my child?
What is Transition Planning?

Reading and Instructional Information

Is my child at risk for reading difficulties?
What is fluency?
What is multi-sensory instruction?
Whole language, phonics or both?
What reading programs should I use?
How do I select good software programs for my child with LD?
What is vocabulary development?

Related Learning Difficulties

What is ADHD?
What are some characteristics of LD in adults?
What are some characteristics of LD?
Learning disability or low ability?
Can memory problems cause a learning disability?
What is a Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD)?
Who is eligible for LD services in Minnesota public schools?


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