Professional Development

Capacity Building Services for Schools & School Districts

LDA Minnesota offers trainings and consultants to assist schools and school districts with professional development and implementation of new educational practices, strategies, and curricula.

LDA Minnesota has skilled experience in facilitating Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). By nature, a PLC can be centered on nearly any educational theme, and often these themes are chosen by the school. Where schools, or teams within a school, are uncertain, LDA Minnesota staff has expertise in looking at student data to draw out building-wide areas that may be targets for improvement.

All LDA Minnesota educational workshops are presented by experienced educators in the fields of learning disabilities, ADHD, and educational best practices. As specialists in learning, our experts realize that participants learn best when they are engaged through a variety of activities, so workshops are interactive, appealing, and participatory. The workshop format includes small group discussion, visual learning tools, role-playing, and large group discussion.

A partial listing of workshops includes:

  • What is a Learning Disability and What is Not?
  • Strategies for Students with ADHD
  • How the Child ADHD Brain Works
  • Utilizing Progress Monitoring to Guide Instruction
  • Using Curriculum-Based Measurements (CBMs)
  • Using Data to Make Instructional Decisions
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Selecting Effective Interventions
  • Behavioral Interventions

LDA Minnesota has special expertise in Response to Intervention (RTI) and can assist schools and districts in planning and implementing an RTI system in areas including:

  • Assessing readiness for RTI
  • Preparing for RTI
  • Establishing policies and decision-making rules
  • Providing Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions
  • Staff development on all aspects of RTI

LDA Minnesota can tailor a workshop to fit your training needs. Customized workshops vary in price, based on the degree of preparation required and the length of the workshop.

For more information, email LDA Minnesota or call 952-582-6000.