Woodcock Johnson Test of
 Academic Achievement IV Edition


Woodcock Johnson Test Oral Language

Either topic is a full day – 6 hour – training.

Does your school and/or special education team need to be trained on the new Woodcock Johnson? Enroll in an engaging, hands-on training from an expert in the field.

Objectives for the Woodcock Johnson Test of Academic Achievement IV training include:

  • Review differences between the WJ III and the WJ IV – specifically highlighting new subtests and changes.
  • Each participant will review scoring procedures and complete interactive activities related to subtests.
  • Each participant will also briefly review each subtest (in both easels including the extended battery), highlighting proper testing procedures, as well as noting any changes from the previous test. 

Special Education 101

This is a great training (6-8 hours) for paraprofessionals working with students with special needs, new teachers hired on a variance, or teachers in Tier 1 license category for special education. Make sure your staff knows the laws to pay attention to and the importance of compliance!

This basic level workshop covers the federal laws that directly relate to special education. The thirteen disability categories and some characteristics of each will be reviewed. The 6 major provisions of IDEA will be discussed. Basic principles of assessment, due process, and the connection to important IEP components will be covered. Attendees will receive practical application and case studies to make this workshop more user-friendly and concrete. 


The Secret Code to Special Education: 
The Difference Between Accommodations & Modifications

Staff often have to create accommodations or modifications for students they are working with. This workshop will review definitions and variations of terms often used interchangeably. Examples of specific accommodations and modifications will be shared, along with a framework to help brainstorm new ways to assist students in the classroom. Case studies and other activities will be completed during this session to focus on practical application. 


The Definitive Guide to Special Education: 
IEP Goals & Objectives

Do you struggle to write meaningful and measurable goals and objectives? Is it even more complicated when the goal isn’t academic and it’s a behavioral or functional goal? This workshop will help with these struggles. Attendees will learn a new conceptual way of rethinking goals and objectives, while still following the MN standards. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop so bring your most challenging areas to make into goals and objectives to be worked on this year.


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