WARNING SIGNS! Is My Child Struggling Academically?

Children develop and learn very differently and also express themselves differently. One child may love to sit and color, while another wants to run and climb. One may love to talk, while the other never says a word. When a child is having trouble learning, it often shows in their behavior. It is important to learn to recognize some of the warning signs. This workshop will review these warning signs along with some of the possible educational disabilities. Attendees will learn what to look for and suggestions for interventions. 


Setting the Limits: Managing Behavior

Understanding and managing preschool behavior can be challenging. Biting, hitting, spitting, and hugs can all happen within seconds! Learning how to teach and foster problem solving skills in your early childhood setting will be discussed. Understanding and helping children with strong feelings and emotions cope and manage behavior in the classroom will be the goal. Practical strategies will be discussed. 


Healthy Environments & Brain Development

Neurodevelopmental disorders that affect the brain and nervous system including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disabilities, and other learning and behavioral disabilities are linked to genetic, social, and environmental causes. The contribution of toxic chemicals to these disorders can be prevented. Learn ways you can prevent everyday toxic chemical exposures in your classroom and daycare.


Parent Advocacy: Know Your Rights

Session I:

This workshop focuses on parents rights prior to their child entering special education. The focus will be on learning what special education is, the differences between medical and education labels and the educational disability choices in MN. Specific eligibility criteria will also be shared to access special education.

Session II:

This workshop will focus on the rights of parents once their child has been identified as needing special education. Specific terms such as prior written notice, consent, evaluation, and IEP will be discussed. Resources will be shared for parents/guardians experiencing frustration and/or need assistance in the process. 

Session III:

This final workshop will discuss third party billing, amending information, what to do if you need to file a complaint and the MN discipline removal policies for students with disabilities. 


My Child was Tested…Now What?!

Do you feel overwhelmed as a parent sitting in a meeting, while professionals discuss testing results of your child? Gain a basic understanding of an assessment report and how to read a report (psycho-educational or neurological). Understand the differences between medical and educational definitions and testing requirements. You will also be provided examples of the most common types of tests and scores, as well as how to put meaning into the score results. 


How to Avoid Homework Hassles

Do you dread helping your child with homework? Does homework create tension in your relationship with your child? Homework is often a hassle for parents. Learn how to overcome the hassle, and avoid power struggles through practical strategies that foster successful homework experiences. You will learn the purpose and benefits of homework based on research done by the National PTA, NEA and Stanford. Leave this session feeling empowered, with resources to use both in the classroom and at home.


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