LDA’s Executive Function Skill Building sessions are for those with executive function challenges, including ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, and other learning differences.

The sessions help students build the skills necessary to be successful and independent learners in middle school, high school, and post-secondary education. Some of the skills our tutors work on students with include:

  • Organizing materials such as notebooks, folders, assignments, personal planners
  • Organizing information such as note-taking and summarizing
  • Study skills, with practice applied to current assignments and curriculum
  • Time management including task analysis

Benefits of LDA’s Executive Function Skill Building

Our program empowers young people to:

  • Improve organization and time management skills
  • Learn to prioritize
  • Develop independence
  • Discover and maximize their strengths
  • Learn important self-advocacy skills
  • Increase confidence

Parents will benefit by:

  • Removing themselves from the “nagging” role
  • Taking homework and time management issues out of their relationship with their child
  • Empowering their child to take on greater responsibility

Our team of special educators and ADHD experts will help each student by developing specific goals for their time together, including goals for utilizing their new skills within their current academic setting.

Please note that we currently have a waitlist for all of our 1:1 services. We thank you for your patience.

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LDA has a popular Executive Function Skill Building 6-hour Course with a cohort of middle or high school peers in grades 6-8 or 9-12.  Youth receive additional time and instruction in a small group of 2-4 of their peers with similar challenges.

Price: $340 for 6 hours of service.

Fall Workshop Dates

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September and October Class Schedule

Tuesdays @ LDA Minnesota

4:30 pm- 6 pm

High School (9-12th grade)

9/13/22, 9/20/22, 9/27/22, 10/4/22

Wednesdays @ LDA Minnesota

4:30 pm – 6 pm

Middle School (6-8th grade)

9/14/22, 9/21/22, 9/28/22, 10/5/22


Saturdays @ LDA Minnesota

10/1/22, 10/8/22, 10/15/22, NO 10/22/22, 10/29/22


Middle School (6-8th grade) 10-11:30 am

High School (9-12th grade) 12:30-2 pm


Don’t wait to register! Our classes run only when a minimum number of students register.

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Interested in the course or have any questions? Contact us at tutoring@ldaminnesota.org or call us at 952-582-6000.


Additional Information: Or, sign up for our traditional one-to-one service. Price: $75/ 1-hour session Package of 12 sessions: $810 (a 10% discount equaling a $67.50 hourly rate) If you are interested, please email Katie at tutoring@ldaminnesota.org or call us at 952-582-6000.  Complete our online application.