Healthy Child Development

What Constitutes As a Healthy Environment for Children? LDA Minnesota participates in state and national education and advocacy efforts to create healthy environments for children. Many chemicals found in our air, food, water, and homes negatively affect a child’s brain development. The cause of at least 28% of learning differences.

Public Education & Outreach

LDA Minnesota’s Public Education and Outreach is provided through its communication materials, information and referral services, educational conferences, and seminars.

Early Literacy

The Early Literacy program at LDA Minnesota is based on early childhood research. The program prepares parents to support their child’s early reading skill development through workshops, practical hands-on strategies, and literacy materials.

Learning Connections

LDA Minnesota’s Learning Connections program provides academic support through small group instruction. We partner with Minneapolis and St. Paul schools, focusing in helping students who currently are performing below grade level.

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