Each year LDA Minnesota reaches the lives of 1,131 individuals and family members facing learning and attention difficulties. Program accomplishments in 2021 include:

Learning Connections

166 low-income K-12 students improved reading, math or writing skills with intensive, in-school instruction. 89% improved their skills, while 74% exceeded growth expectations, narrowing their achievement gaps!

Assessment and Tutoring Services

66 individuals gained knowledge and skills to improve their learning and coping strategies to meet their academic, employment, and personal goals.

LD & ADHD Support Services

124 adults gained knowledge, resources, and support to help them understand and manage their learning and attention challenges.

Institute for Special Educators

LDA trained 14  aspiring special education teachers for the Academic Behavioral Specialist (ABS) teaching license.  Of those in the program, four completed and were recommended for the ABS license and 10 continued in the program.


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