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9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Mary Beth Kelley, LDA Assessment Manager, will be presenting a full-day training on the Test of Written Language, 4th Edition (TOWL-4) and the Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Oral Language (WJ IV OL).

The morning will focus on the TOWL-4, a norm-referenced reliable and valid test of written language.  This test is used to identify students with possible substantial writing difficulties as well as determine strengths and weaknesses within writing. The TOWL-4 includes seven subtests, the first fice use contrived formats in vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, logical sentences and sentence combining. The last two subtests are spontaneous in contextual conventions and story composition.  This hands-on session will include scoring activities as well as case studies.

The Woodcock-Johnson IV Test of Oral Language will be presented in the afternoon.  This assessment can function as a stand-alone battery of tests that are useful for oral language assessment, determination of English (and Spanish) language proficiency, and for comparison of strengths and weaknesses among oral language and language-related abilities for a complete reading, writing, or dyslexia evaluation. Subtests include Picture Vocabulary, Oral Comprehension, Segmentation, Rapid Picture Naming, Sentence Repetition, Understanding Directions, Sound Blending, Retrieval Fluency, and Sound Awareness. This hands-on session will include scoring activities as well as case studies.

Participants are encouraged to bring their test materials with them for activities and review.  Lunch will be provided for full-day registrations only. Half-day registration is also available.

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