Why would I choose LDA Minnesota for assessment rather than my child’s school?

Assessment by an outside agency, like LDA Minnesota, is particularly comprehensive because it’s not used exclusively to determine eligibility for special education services in a school system. LDA Minnesota’s assessment provides the client with information regarding the individual’s academic strengths and weaknesses, the person’s specific learning style, and includes recommendations for academic planning and individual accommodations.

Do schools have to accept LDA Minnesota’s assessment results?

Yes, LDA Minnesota employs qualified professionals, uses standardized assessment instruments, and follows Federal and State guidelines. School districts must verify that the individual qualifies for LD services using the LD criteria established by each individual state.

What factors may affect one’s learning other than a learning disability?

Factors might include social emotional concerns, depression, significant changes in the home environment, ADHD, test anxiety, lack of formal education, significant gaps in prior learning, and general intellectual ability.

How frequently do I need to be assessed for LD?

Frequency of assessment protocol limits administration of the same test to a minimum of 12 months, so that students do not memorize or become too familiarized with the tests. Due to legal documentation required for appropriate accommodations, assessment must be done every three years.

Can an individual be diagnosed with LD in one school district and not in another? How about from state to state?

A diagnosis from district to district within a state is generally transferable because school districts are required to follow state criteria for Special Educational Services. Although states must follow Federal Laws, states may apply more restrictive criteria for LD. Therefore, a diagnosis may vary from state to state.

Can an individual be diagnosed with a learning disability and not qualify for special education services?

Yes. An individual may be diagnosed with a learning disability using professional standard criteria. However, individual school districts may establish more restrictive criteria for eligibility for special education services; as long as they are in compliance with federal laws and state criteria. Therefore, some students who are performing below their potential, but within performance standards established by the school district may be excluded from service because their disability is not severe.

Is an IEP transferable?

Generally yes, however, the new school, depending upon the availability of Special Education Services, may make changes to time limits, if any exist.



See also Glossary of Terms.

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