LDA Minnesota provides a continuum of testing to help address learning needs across the lifespan.  Please call us at 952-582-6000 for more information and help on determining which testing is best for you or your child.

Specific Learning Disabilities Assessment confirms or rules out diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disability (SLD), including dyslexia, profiles intellectual functioning, highlights academic strengths and weaknesses, identifies information processing problems, provides required documentation to access disability support services (if eligible), and suggests additional resources and support. ($2,325)

ADHD Evaluation (includes LD Assessment) confirms or rules out and identifies which type of ADHD and and/or LD.  This assessment is for children ages 8 and up. Profiles information on academic achievement, intellectual ability and recommendations for improving learning outcome. ($2,855, includes a learning assessment)

ADHD Evaluation (adults only) is for adults who need a reassessment of ADHD or a first-time assessment for adults with no academic concerns. This process includes the Conner’s computerized performance test, and multiple other rating scales. ($1,995)

Achievement Testing evaluates the level of academic learning that has taking place in the areas of math, reading or writing using standardized testing. It is typically used in conjunction with ability testing to determine whether a person has a learning disability. ($1,675)

For more information, email LDA Minnesota or call 952-582-6000.

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