LDA Minnesota meets all standards with the Charities Review Council, an independent resource for people who make contributions to support charities.

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The Charities Review Council conducts public charity reviews that help charities demonstrate their integrity to the public. These public reviews evaluate a charity’s performance to ensure that its operations, structure and policies meet widely accepted standards for accountability and transparency.

LDA Minnesota meets standards in all areas:

Public Disclosure
Legal Compliance
Financial & Annual Reporting
Reporting Consistency

Board Meetings
Conflict Of Interest Policy
Board Compensation
Board/Staff Positions
Board Term Limits

Financial Activity
Use Of Funds
Reserve Limits
Financial Health
Board Fiduciary Oversight

Ethical Fundraising
Voluntary Charitable Giving
Soliciting Practices

Your contribution to LDA Minnesota supports programs and services benefiting individuals of all ages with learning disabilities. Thank you for your support!

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