Early Readers

Easy to use activities for early readers


Early or Pre-K to Kindergarten Readers:

• Snuggle when sharing a book creating positive memories for you and your child.

• Read Aloud to children daily.

• Encourage your child to read and write at home.

• Talk about the beginning, middle and end of stories you read.

• Have your child look at books in the car, bus, waiting for an appointment.

• Ask whether two words rhyme. Do “cat” and “mad” rhyme? Do “sad” and “mad” rhyme?

• Read lots of rhyming books and play with rhyming words.

• Play games like Simon says or telephone that involve following directions.

• Talk to your child throughout the day.

• Let your child see you reading (books, newspapers, mail, directions, recipes, e-mail…) and writing (grocery lists, notes, letters, e-mail…)

• Visit the Library regularly